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Notice on Implementation of Online Chinese Visa Applications with E-application Forms and Pre-book Appointments

In order to improve the Chinese visa application services, starting from May 10th, 2021, the Chinese Embassy in Iran will activate the newly developed online application form submission and appointment booking system. Applicants are required to fill in their online electronic application forms and Pre-book appointment time slots. The specific arrangements are as follows:

1. Starting from June 11th, 2021, applicants with ordinary passport (excluding those applying for Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR visas) should log in to https://cova.cs.mfa.gov.cn to fill in the visa application form online, then log in to https://avas.cs.mfa.gov.cn to make an appointment. After completing the online form, the applicant should print out the Confirmation of Online Visa Application Form and Visa Application Form, sign on the confirmation form, and submit the passport and all relevant and necessary documents to the Chinese Embassy in Iran at the appointment time.

2. The transition period is from May 10th to June 10th, 2021. The existing paper application forms (version 2013) remains available, and online appointment is not required. From June 11th, 2021, all applications have to be submitted through the online application system. The Chinese Embassy in Iran will not accept paper application forms.

3. For diplomatic, service or courtesy visa applicants, it is not required to make pre-book application appointments. The applicant needs to complete the online application forms through https://cova.cs.mfa.gov.cn, then submits all relevant and necessary documents to the Chinese Embassy in Iran.

4. Applications for Hong Kong SAR visa and Macao SAR visa remain the same. There is no need to fill in the forms online or make appointments. During the pandemic, applicants are advised to visit the official websites of the Government of Hong Kong SAR immigration department(https://www.immd.gov.hk) and the Government of Macao SAR Public Security Police Force(https://www.fsm.gov.mo/psp/cht/main.html) to check the latest visa application policy.

                                                                                                                                                                 The Chinese Embassy in I.R.Iran

                                                                                                                                                                            April 29th, 2021

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